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IONOSON-Expert (3rd edition)

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  • Stimulation current therapy and ultrasound therapy in only one device
  • Easy to use with touch screen and one-button operation
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IONOSON Expert (3rd edition) Professional electrotherapy, ultrasound and simultaneous... more

IONOSON Expert (3rd edition)

Professional electrotherapy, ultrasound and simultaneous therapy for clinics, rehabilitation centres and physiotherapy practices.


The IONOSON-Expert (3rd edition) effectively combines stimulation current therapy and ultrasound therapy in only one device. 

Stimulation current therapy

  • By applying medium-frequency, low-frequency or galvanic currents, the following effects are achieved, among others:
  • Pain damping
  • Improvement of blood circulation and trophism
  • Stimulation of nerves and muscles

Ultrasound therapy

  • Depending on the therapy parameters, ultrasound treatment focuses on a thermal effect or a micro-massage in the treated tissue segment.
  • Hyperaemia
  • Pain relief
  • Accelerated healing processes
  • Muscular detonation and spasm release
  • Acceleration of metabolic functions

Product details

  • Easy to use touch screen and one-button operation
  • Comprehensive overview of currently used therapy parameters and timers
  • Extensive indication list

Scope of delivery

  • IONOSON Expert (3rd edition)
  • 2x elastic band
  • Instructions for use
  • Brochure "Short introduction to stimulation current therapy".
  • Brochure "Brief introduction to ultrasound therapy
  • Contact gel, 250 ml
  • Mains cable
  • Patient cable
  • Plate electrode EF50 with cable, set of 4
  • Viscose bag for plate electrode
  • Ultrasound probe 1/3 MHz 5 cm2

Please observe the following cleaning instructions:

  •  Make sure to switch off the unit before cleaning!
  • Clean the unit with a surface disinfectant, e.g., 70 % medical isopropanol or Dismozon® plus. Make sure that the cleaning agent does not contain benzene, ethanol, alcohol (except isopropanol), organic substances or dilutions.
  • Clean the unit with a soft sponge cloth.
  • Empty and clean the water separator, if present. Make sure that no liquid enters the unit. Please remove the water separator container for transport to avoid damage to the packaging.
  • Please clean the unit before sending it for maintenance, even if it is not heavily contaminated. This way we can ensure the safety of our colleagues.

Width: 46
Height: 32
Lenght: 43
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