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Lasso® Athletic Compression Socks

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  • Compression socks for daily use with additional joint support
  • Against muscle fatigue, muscle soreness and for muscle recovery
  • Maximum comfort and moisture-wicking technology


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Lasso® Athletic Compression Socks Lasso Athletic Compression Socks are the perfect... more

Lasso® Athletic Compression Socks

Lasso Athletic Compression Socks are the perfect companion for your daily routine. Combining advanced ankle support with compression-based foot and arch support, the socks reduce muscle fatigue and soreness and accelerate muscle recovery. The special technology of the Lasso socks ensures maximum comfort with every movement. The patented SmartSupport™ socks are a blend of targeted compression fabric patterns and sustainable yarns. This provides maximum comfort and structural support in any environment.  

For enhanced performance, recovery and a life of movement!

Benefits of Lasso compression socks:

  •     Stabilisation of foot and ankle and strengthening of ligaments and tendons.
  •     Promotion of blood circulation  
  •     Reduction of pain caused by frequent standing, ankle pain, flat feet, etc.
  •     Keep moving longer
  •     Highest comfort
  •     Innovative material  
  •     High functionality

Possible uses:
Lasso socks can help with the following complaints:

  •     Plantar fasciitis
  •     Tendinitis
  •     Varicose veins
  •     Ankle sprains
  •     Shin splints
  •     Sore ankles
  •     Circulation problems
  •     Swelling
  •     Bone spurs
  •     Achilles pain
  •     Blistering

Product details:  

  •     State of the art ankle support
  •     Advanced foot and arch support
  •     Reduces muscle fatigue and soreness
  •     Accelerates muscle recovery
  •     All-day moisture wicking comfort
  •     15-20 mmHg compression strength
  •     Made in the USA

    Materials: 62% polyamide, 29% Tempcontrol™ polyester, 9% Lycra spandex.


    S = size 33-38 (EU size men) or size 30-35 (EU size women).
    M = size 39-43 (EU size men) or size 36-40 (EU size women)
    L = size 44-47 (EU size men) or size 41-44 (EU size women)
    XL = Size 48-51 (EU size men)

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