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BIOSWING® sitting module

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  • Additional module for Posturomed® 202 and Posturomed® compact
  • Enables exercises in a sitting position, e.g. for patients after trauma and operations or in geriatrics
  • Easy to set up due to plug-in connection with the therapy surface of the Posturomed®
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BIOSWING® sitting module The seat module for the Posturomed® 202 or Posturomed® compact... more

BIOSWING® sitting module

The seat module for the Posturomed® 202 or Posturomed® compact enables stabilisation exercises in a seated position and is particularly suitable for all patients who cannot stand on the Posturomed®. Reasons for this are, for example, acute traumas in the foot or knee area, operations or signs of old age (geriatrics).


  •     Particularly suitable for patients who cannot stand
  •     Optimal use in orthopaedics after trauma or operations in the foot or knee area, in geriatrics, neurology
  •     Safe training and strain on the trunk and abdominal muscles

The stool is attached to a disc which has pins on the underside. These pins are inserted into the hole circle of the therapy surface of the Posturomed® and the seat module is thus installed.
The stool is height-adjustable and can thus be adjusted to the height of each patient.

It is possible to swing on the seat module in the same directions as if the patient were standing on the therapy surface: Extension and flexion of the trunk, laterally, diagonally or in circumduction. This mainly works the trunk muscles and the (oblique) abdominal muscles of the patient.
To make the exercises easier, all oscillation circuits of the Posturomed® should be open so that the oscillation amplitudes are greater.

Product details:

  •     Scope of delivery: 1x seat module
  •     Easy to assemble due to plug-in connection
  •     Suitable for the Posturomed® 202 (from year of manufacture 2012, bolt circle must be available) and the Posturomed® compact