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  • Additional module for Posturomed® 202 or compact
  • Increases the training spectrum with demanding exercises for stabilising the OSG and USG
  • Assembly in seconds due to plug-in connection
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BIOSWING® OSG module The OSG module for the Posturomed® enables demanding exercises that... more


The OSG module for the Posturomed® enables demanding exercises that stress both the upper and lower ankle. The sensorimotor stimulating movement impulses of the Posturomed® swing surface are also used outside the horizontal plane.

The OSG module is a round plate with a diameter of 32 cm that is attached to the bolt circle of the Posturomed® 202 or Posturomed® compact by means of a plug-in connection.
The module has a tilting axis whose angle can be adjusted on the underside. Depending on the setting, the footprint tilts by 7, 10, 15 or 20 degrees.
Depending on how the module is aligned, the axis tilts to the right/left, front/rear or diagonally.

Depending on the orientation of the module or the patient's foot on the module, the ankle joints can be provoked in their different functional axes for their stabilisation ability. Such exercises place higher demands on the stabilisation of the upper and lower ankle joint and are therefore mainly suitable for advanced practitioners, for well-stabilised patients or for athletes. In addition, the OSG module is used in neuro-orthopaedic rehabilitation and orthopaedics.


  •     Adds challenging exercises to the training spectrum.
  •     Offers another level beyond the horizontal swing surface
  •     Individual adjustment of the tilt angle to the individual patient
  •     Quick and easy installation via plug-in connection on the bolt circle

Important: The adjustment of the tilt angle must always be adapted to the individual conditions of the patient. 7 degrees is the physiological maximum angle for medial and lateral gaping of the OSG. At 10, 15 or 20 degrees, on the other hand, there is a risk of overloading the capsular ligamentous apparatus of the OSG and USG if this is pre-damaged, e.g. after supination trauma.

Product details:

  •     Scope of delivery: 1x OSG module
  •     Diameter of the standing surface: 32 cm
  •     Tilt angle of the standing surface varies between 7, 10, 15 and 20 degrees depending on the setting
  •     Installation by simple plug-in connection with the pitch circle of the Posturomed®.
  •     Suitable for the Posturomed® 202 and Posturomed® compact