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  • Lockable step mat for standardised performance of the "PosturoKybernetikTest
  • Step length graduation and fixation bar
  • Suitable for the BIOSWING® Posturomed 202
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The BIOSWING® Step Mat PKT is an accessory for the Posturomed 202. The step mat, which can be securely locked in place in front of the Posturomed 202 with a steel rail, is used for standardised performance of the "PosturoCybernetics Test".

In addition, this disinfectable plastic mat is also used in therapy with the Posturomed for all exercises that have their starting position in front of the Posturomed. For example, "step-up exercises" can be performed with a recurring, reproducible step length.

Markings and body sizes are printed on the mat to help the exerciser position himself optimally on the BIOSWING® Posturomed 202. Training successes and training progress can be displayed and measured.