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Functional training like the world champions

Functional training like the world champions

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  • Perfect reference book for trainers and ambitious athletes
  • Functional training exercises from 20 different sports
  • Numerous tips for building an optimal training program
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With exercises from Nadine Angerer, Henning Fritz, Nils Schumann and many other top... more

With exercises from Nadine Angerer, Henning Fritz, Nils Schumann and many other top athletes.

In the new handbook "Functional Training like the World Champions", more than 30 world champions, Olympic gold winners and other top athletes from over 20 sports show their very personal functional training Training exercises. Among them soccer world champion Nadine Angerer, handball world champion Henning Fritz or 800-meter Olympic champion Nils Schumann. It is also a great place for trainers and ambitious Sportsmen and women a perfect reference book for effective yet simple functional training exercises.


  • Football with Nadine Angerer
  • Handball with Henning Fritz
  • Volleyball with Karin Steyaert and Alessandra Jovy-Heuser
  • Basketball with rathiopharm ulm
  • American Football with the Stuttgart Scorpions
  • Tennis with Marc Kevin Göllner
  • Table tennis with Elke Schall-Süß and Christian Süß
  • Golf with Martina Eberl-Ellis
  • Ice hockey with Uli Liebsch and Barry Noe
  • Swimming with Thomas Lurz
  • Sprint with David Gollnow
  • Running (800 - 5000 meters) with Nils Schumann
  • Triathlon with Heidi Sessner
  • Marathon and half marathon with Mayada al Sayad
  • Cycling with Timo Scholz
  • Kickboxing with Ralf Kunzler
  • Biathlon and cross country skiing with Andrea and Manuela Henkel
  • Ski jumping/driving with Stefan Kraft and Manuel Fettner
  • Bobsleighing with Francesco Friedrich and Thorsten Margis
  • High jump with Heike Henkel
  • Motorcycling with Mathieu Gines
  • Car racing with Andreas Sczepansky

Additional information

  • Language: German
  • ISBN: 978-3-938939-47-5
  • Authors: Claudio Trento, Marco Rohde, Stephan Müller
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Number of pages: 196