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18 02, 2022

Triggerdinger vs. Blackroll

2022-11-08T08:33:09+01:0018. February 2022|

With the Triggertools and the fascia rollers we compare two terrific tools for myofascial therapy. They are used in all medical practices, fitness studios and living rooms. But what do the two tools have in common? And what are the fundamental differences? We compare TRIGGERDINGER and BLACKROLL® for you and tell you why you absolutely need both tools for a holistic fascia massage!

18 02, 2022


2022-06-14T08:24:17+02:0018. February 2022|

With its patented “DEEP OSCILLATION®” method, the German company PHYSIOMED® Elektromedizin AG has created a new milestone in therapy. The so-called "Deep Oscillation" is non-invasive and non-traumatic and is mainly used to accelerate healing and regeneration as well as to increase performance.

17 02, 2022

The bioadaptive impulse therapy

2022-11-08T08:35:45+01:0017. February 2022|

Electrotherapy that adapts each new electrical impulse to the body in real time? It does exist! Bioadaptive Impulse Therapy does exactly that: after each impulse is delivered, the body's "response reaction" is measured and the next impulse is adapted to the body's needs. There is possibly no more individualized form of electrotherapy!

17 02, 2022

The current trend: Beauty Taping

2022-11-08T08:35:58+01:0017. February 2022|

You want visibly smooth, rosy skin in a short time and without collagen and hyaluronic acid injections? Then take advantage of the kinesiological tape! Beauty taping has long been part of the daily routine of many women, especially in Eastern European countries. They wear it for several hours on their face, cleavage, legs or bottom.

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