6D-Tape: Activate your lyphatic system!

6D-Tape: Activate your lyphatic system!

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The 6D-Tape is an innovative cotton tape, which is equipped with so-called “activation pads”. We’ll explain what these pads are used for in the first place, how to apply the tape correctly, and how 6D taping is designed to stimulate lymphatic flow and thus promote self-healing.

What is 6D Tape®?

The 6D Tape® consists of two components: The basis is the high-quality Kinesiology Tape, which is coated with a particularly skin-friendly adhesive. (By the way, this hypoallergenic adhesive is also used in our Tape Elite, which is especially trusted by people with sensitive skin).
The so-called “activation pads” were placed on the tape at regular intervals. These rigid pads act as “handles” for the 6D Tape® therapy, which we will explain further in the chapter “How to use the 6D Tape®?”.

6D Tape Streifen

When is 6D Tape® used?

The 6D Tape® can be used in a wide variety of areas due to its diverse effects (see chapter What effects do you hope to achieve with the use of 6D Tape®?“). The tape is especially interesting for you if you want to achieve positive effects and support for your treatments in the following areas, among others:

  • in prophylaxis
  • in regeneration
  • in performance enhancement
  • after injuries and operations
  • for breast cancer patients and lymphatic patients
  • in pain therapy
  • and much more!

How to correctly apply the 6D Tape®, what happens during use in the tissue and what positive effects result from it, you will find out now.

How is the 6D Tape® applied to the skin?

To ensure that your 6D Tape® adheres to the skin for a long time and its function is not impaired, we recommend that you follow a few tips when applying it:

  • For the application of the 6D Tape®, the skin should be clean, grease-free and dry. In case of strong body hair, we recommend shaving the corresponding skin area to ensure the adhesion of the 6D Tape®.
  • Now cut the desired length of the tape. It is best to always cut between two activation pads, as damaged pads will no longer be able to do their job optimally. You should round off the corners so that they do not detach from the skin prematurely.
Anleitung zur Anlage von 6D Tape
  • Depending on the body area, the 6D Tape® should be applied to the skin with or without stretching. The reason against stretching is that the skin is already stressed using the activation pads and stretching could further increase this stress.
    However, in the case of tape applications on the right and left sides of the spine, for example, freedom of movement is restricted without stretching. The decision for or against stretching must therefore always be made individually.
  • After the 6D Tape® has been applied to the skin, it is gently rubbed to activate the adhesive and optimize adhesion. A waiting time of 15 minutes ensures that the adhesive adapts well to the skin.
Grafik zur Verwendung von 6D Tape

How do I use the 6D Tape®?

Now nothing stands in the way of using the 6D Tape®! The application is very simple: the activation pads enable a movement of the underlying tissue in the six dimensions by lifting, pulling, pressing and twisting. The stimulation of the structures is exactly what you want to achieve with the use of the 6D Tape®, because it brings a variety of benefits!

What effects does the 6D Tape® have on the tissues?

Moving the activation pads in the different directions creates, among other things, suction, thrust and shear effects in the tissue. They mainly influence the lymphatic system, but also the skin, connective tissue/fascia, muscles, joints and nerve tissue are stimulated.

Grafik von Auswirkung von 6D Tape
  • Tixotrophy: liquids and gels are liquefied
  • Lymphatic system: increase of lymph volume and improvement of lymphatic flow
  • Joints/intercellular area: increase of the viscosity of hyaluronic acid
  • Skin: Stimulation of scars and fibrosis tissue for better (re)structuring
  • Connective tissue/fascia: Adequate stimulation of the fasciae
  • Muscles: Improves conditions for satellite cells
  • Nerve tissue: Reduces pressure on nerves through volume reduction

What are the expected effects of using 6D Tape®?

Now that we know how the use of the activation pads can affect the underlying tissues and structures, let’s take a closer look at the effects.

  • Activation of lymphatic flow canreduce swelling. The painthat often accompanies swelling, due to excessive volume or low pH value, is alleviatedin parallel.
  • Stimulation of scars and fibrosis tissue can increase their elasticity. Softer scar and fibrosis tissues are less likely to become interfering factors in the ascending and descending chains.
  • In addition, thecondition of older scars can be improved as the metabolism is stimulated and the tissue is constantly renewed. The new cells are then already forming in an optimized way according to the model given to them by the movements of the 6D Tape®.
  • The treatment with the 6D Tape® also has an effect on the connective tissue, also called “fascia”. It reduces tension in the local connective tissue and connective tissue chains and can restore movement and its range.
  • The optimized fluid exchange and decongestant effect of the 6D Tape® treatment create optimal conditions for the satellite cells in the muscles to work. Satellite cells are responsible for the maintenance, repair and remodeling of muscle fibers and are indispensable.
  • The suction, thrust and shear effects that occur when using the activation pads also influence joint metabolism. The viscosity of hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for “lubrication” of the joint in the joint capsule, is increased. . The general improvement in the condition of the synovia (joint fluid or “synovial fluid”) in the joint also provides more space between the parts of the joint. Thus, the risk of wear andtear of the joint surfaces due to friction is significantly reduced.
  • The reduction in swelling also ensures that pressure is taken off the nerves. Since this pressure is often perceived as pain, the 6D Tape® can help relieve pain.

Illustration of the increased lymphatic flow on a feasibility study.

Effective application of 6D Tape® can improve lymphatic flow – so much for the theory. But where is the proof? After all, you can’t see the fluid shift from the outside.

For this reason, the developers of 6D Tape® conducted a feasibility study. . For this purpose, a contrast medium was injected into the connective tissue. The lymph flow and transport speed were recorded on video in real time.
The video shows the comparison between the lymph flow at rest, during movement, during a manual lymphatic drainage as well as during the application of the 6D Tape®.

Research method: NIRFLI (“Near Infrared Fluorescence Lymphatic Imaging”).

It can be seen how treatment with 6D Tape® increases the uptake of fluid from the intercellular space into the lymphatic vessels, thus increasing their volume, and how the transport speed is increased.

Here you can download the full feasibility study report.

Advantages of 6D Tape® in therapy

Manual lymphatic drainage, fascia and pain treatment, muscle massage – these therapies have one thing in common: they are limited in time and develop their full effect primarily when the therapist himself lends a hand. By applying a 6D Tape® it is possible to benefit from the positive effects in the long term and at home. After instruction by the therapist, the patient can perform the appropriate hand movements himself, optimize the therapy and reduce his suffering even outside of a therapy session.


The effect of the treatment with the 6D Tape®, especially on the lymphatic system, was illustrated by a feasibility study. The resulting benefits for the body are manifold and culminate in a decisive effect: they support the body in self-healing. 6D Taping is thus a very effective method that can be performed by trained medical personnel as well as by patients at home.

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