Product presentation: CryoPush by K-Active®

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Faster Return to Play - with cold compression After overexertion, injuries and operations, only one thing counts for ambitious athletes and workers: returning to sport or work as quickly as possible. In order to accelerate the “return to play” or the “return to work”, healing must be supported at the highest level from beginning to [...]

Patient report

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The use of the Cryopush by K-Active® after a total hip replacement The use of the Cryopush by K-Active® after a total hip replacement If pain and discomfort caused by wear and tear in the hip joint can no longer be reduced or avoided by conservative treatment, then a total hip replacement must be undertaken. The [...]

Trockene Hände vom vielen Waschen?

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Dry hands from lots of washing? Care for your hands right now with a rich cream. The corona virus has a firm grip on the global population: governments are taking measures right up to a shutdown to contain the spread of the virus. In addition, every single citizen is called upon to maintain a certain hygiene [...]

A strong immune system – Do’s in the fight against Corona

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A strong immune system - Do's in the fight against Corona The corona virus appears to be inexorably: It is now extremely important to comply with the required hygiene measures and to avoid crowds of people so that the spread of the virus can be slowed down. Slowing down because it is almost impossible to [...]

Course report: HSG Aschafftal Guest at K-Active

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In January ,at  the Workshop “ SPORT “, which was initiated by the HSG Aschafftal, participants from numerous fields of expertise were able to pick up on valuable knowledge. Siegfried Breitenbach, managing Director of K-Active, spoke in a 2.5 hour long presentation on /about various topics on “ Facials/Fascial therapy “, “ Performance and Regeneration [...]

Expo Impressions: Therapy Leipzig

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We can look back on fantastic Expo days in Leipzig. On the 10th anniversary of the Therapy Leipzig, more than 16.500 visitors came. At the K-Active stand we had many wonderful conversations with our partners and interested visitors. A lot of enthusiasm got the vacuuming massage cups from BellaBambi®  for the Fascia’s Therapy and the innovative [...]

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