The birth of a child –

one of the most exciting and happy moments in the life of a woman


During the 9-month pregnancy, the baby grows up in the mother’s stomach and is optimally prepared for the coming life. When the time of birth approaches, the body changes, for example, the tension of structures or the mobility of the symphysis and sacroiliac joint to facilitate the birth process. Nevertheless, tears often occur in the area of the birth canal or the doctor has to make incisions to accelerate the birth process; these wounds lead to bleeding, hematomas and corresponding pain.

Due to the proximity to the excretory organs, wound healing is exposed to special challenges and requires appropriate support. This can be done effectively by using the K-Active® First Aid Spray in the area of the injury. Spray the wound several times a day directly with the spray or soak a kind of swab or cloth with the activated trace elements which you place in the area of the wound. The application of the K-Active® First Aid Spray immediately promotes wound healing, reduces bleeding, swelling and haematoma and thus also the intensity of pain.

The K-Active® First Aid Cream can also be used on the stomach, legs or buttocks. The body can absorb the activated trace elements and make them available for wound healing in the area of the birth canal in order to accelerate the auto reparative processes.

The quickest possible wound healing makes it much easier for the mother to sit or walk and nothing stands in the way of the great joy of the new family member!