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Premium Super Deluxe Warmth Storage with Natural Moor Filling
Premium Super Deluxe Warmth Storage with...
Heat carrier for effective and excellent heating of mud packs Ideally suited for professional use in therapy and medical practice. Our reusable mud heat carriers provide effective and excellent tempering of mud packs. Once heated in a...
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Mud packs
Mud packs
Use the physical heat therapy with the natural moor packs from the Schwerin medicinal moor. The regional natural moor pack is particularly suitable for the effective, natural application of physical therapy. The Schwerin medicinal moor...
Content 20 Stück
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Heating cabinet
Heating cabinet
Use a heating cabinet in physiotherapy to keep warm! The WS heating cabinets are designed to keep fango paraffin or silicate packs warm in physiotherapy. Therefore, we offer you two different types: Type F: Keeping fango paraffin warm in...