The Kinesiological Tape for your sensitive skin
with STRATAGEL® adhesive technology

– From now on also patients with sensitive skin can be taped!

More and more people suffer from particularly stressed and sensitive skin. But also in certain life situations, such as after operations, lymph congestion (e.g. after cancer) or chronic wounds, our “protective cover” requires a very gentle touch.

For this reason, K-Active® has added the kinesiological Tape Gentle with the new adhesive generation to its range. STRATAGEL® adhesive technology enables the gentle treatment of children, the elderly, diabetes patients, cancer patients, lymphoma patients and chronic wounds. Due to the special technology of the STRATAGEL® adhesive, significantly fewer skin particles are removed in the area of the uppermost skin layer. In addition to these hypoallergenic basic properties, this contributes to a high level of compatibility with sensitive skin. The skin-friendly Kinesiologic Tape conveys an extremely light wearing sensation and thus provides a gentle sensory input.

Gentle to the skin and during peeling off
the K-Active® Tape

This is made possible by the completely new STRATAGEL® adhesive technology, which dissolves in itself and thus reduces skin irritation to a minimum. The dermatologically compatible quality of the K-Active® Tape Gentle has been confirmed in numerous test series.

The K-Active® Tape Gentle enables new therapy possibilities!
It is particularly suitable for

  • every sensitive skin

  • the skin-friendly use, in particular

    • for children
    • for older people
    • after operations
    • for lymphatic, cancer and diabetes patients
    • for chronic wounds

Convince yourself:

Rollen und Verpackung K-Active Tape Elite

K-Active® Tape Elite

The tape Elite is the most variable tape ever!

K-Active® Tape Elite
Rollen und Verpackung K-Active Tape Sport

K-Active® Tape Sport

With reduced extensibility – Always one step ahead!

K-Active® Tape Sport
K-Active PreCut Lymphfächer

K-Active® Tape PreCut

Open – Apply – Activate: Save time and money!

K-Active® Tape PreCut