K-Active® Tape Classic

The origin of all Kinesiological Tapes

The Tape Classic from K-Active® has been inspiring for more than 30 years.

Since its inception over 30 years ago, Nitto Denko has continuously optimized the properties and manufacture of K-Active® Tape Classic. In the meantime, K-Active® Kinesiological Tapes have been used by leading physicians and therapists in the fields of sports and medicine for years.

What you can expect:

  • a hyperallergenic acrylic adhesive

  • best skin tolerance

  • a breathable, elastic cotton fabric

  • a product free of harmful substances

  • reliable, long hold

  • no residues after removing the tape

  • a fair price-performance ratio

The most popular K-Active® tape: The 5-metre roll

Since its inception over 30 years ago, Nitto Denko has continuously optimized the properties and manufacturing of K-Active® Tape Classic to give you exactly what you expect from an original!

The classic among kinesiological Tapes – tried and tested!

The many years of production experience also means for you as a user over 30 years of safe thearpie experience with the original Nitto Denko Tapes. These, together with bachelor’s and master’s theses and studies carried out with the original product, guarantee maximum safety for users all over the world – what currently no other kinesiologic tape product can offer you in terms of studies on the worldwide market!

Applied for many years by leading doctors and therapists in the fields of sport and medicine.
Trust the health of your patients and athletes to the most popular K-Active® tape!

More tape for less money: the 17-metre roll

Your advantage: Reduced price with large tape consumption in hospitals, practices and sports!

“For my basketball players I use the K-Active® Tape therapeutically with pleasure. In order to work effectively and cost-effectively for the club, I use the 17-meter roll at a reduced price!”

Bogdan Suciu
Physiotherapeut Telekom Baskets Bonn


For expanded applications: the 7.5 cm wide roll

Expands your therapeutic possibilities:

  • Increased effect in larger/voluminous athletes and patients
  • Increased sensory input over a larger skin and tape area
  • Effective lymphtaping due to larger fan systems
  • Improvement of the results with special techniques

For my big boys I need some more material – the 7.5 cm wide version is just right!”

Ronny Frank
Physiotherapeut s.Oliver Würzburg


Rolle und Verpackung von K-Active Tape Gentle

K-Active® Tape Gentle

People with sensitive skin can be taped now!

K-Active® Tape Gentle
Rollen und Verpackung K-Active Tape Elite

K-Active® Tape Elite

The tape Elite is the most variable tape ever!

K-Active® Tape Elite
Rollen und Verpackung K-Active Tape Sport

K-Active® Tape Sport

With reduced extensibility – Always one step ahead!

K-Active® Tape Sport