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Posture Trainer

Our posture is an important basis for movement and can also significantly influence our external appearance. If you have an upright posture, you automatically appear more confident and self-assured. But unfortunately, the reality is often different. In everyday life, we tend to unconsciously adopt poor posture. Especially the increasingly sedentary activities at work or school lead to people being more likely to have a hunched posture. This can have far-reaching consequences and even lead to long-term pain and damage in the back, shoulder and neck area. It is therefore all the more important that we consciously remind ourselves to maintain an upright posture and counteract bad posture.  

Here you can find out how posture trainers can be a suitable aid for a more upright posture, how useful they are and how long you should wear them.

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What is a posture trainer?

Whether it's sitting at a desk for long periods of time or looking down at your smartphone, the causes of poor posture lurk in many places in everyday life. The posture trainer can help you become more aware of your body, train the muscles in your back and effectively counteract posture problems. A posture trainer or back holder is a good tool that reminds you to adopt a straight and upright position when you have unconsciously adopted an unhealthy posture again. By applying gentle pressure against your shoulders, the posture trainer reminds you to pull your shoulders back. The gentle backward pull trains your muscle memory, which in the long run leads to improved body awareness and a more upright posture.

What should you consider when buying posture trainers?

If you are thinking about buying a posture trainer, you should pay particular attention to optimal comfort. Stabilisation of the spine and upper back is of great importance. The posture trainer should be designed in such a way that freedom of movement is not restricted and the wearer's back is supported in the best possible way. Since the posture trainer can also be worn under clothing and thus directly on the skin, it is also important that it is easy to clean. The material of the posture trainer should be breathable and durable. Also make sure that you order the right size. Ideally, the posture trainer can be individually adjusted to your body measurements.

Are posture trainers useful?

Posture trainers can help to correct and improve posture by wearing them regularly and in particular prevent back, shoulder and neck pain. Posture trainers are useful for those who have an office job and do not move much during the day or spend many hours looking at a screen.

Posture trainers have a strap that reminds you to keep an upright posture when you fall back into a less upright posture. By applying gentle pressure to your shoulders, you are reminded to actively straighten up. Over time, your body will automatically learn to maintain the correct posture. Because of its compact size, a posture trainer can be taken anywhere. You can even wear it under your regular clothes during working hours without anyone noticing. Nevertheless, it is important to note that a posture trainer is not a substitute for strengthening the back muscles through specific training. A combination of training and wearing a posture trainer is recommended.

Why is healthy posture so important?

Strong muscles are important when it comes to distributing the forces that are constantly acting on us. People who tend to have poor posture often suffer from back pain, tension or muscular imbalances. These can significantly limit one's productivity and activity. Reasons for poor posture can be too little exercise, one-sided strain from increasingly sedentary activities or incorrect movements in everyday life. The result is that certain muscles harden and shorten. In the long run, this can even result in poor posture.

In order to prevent imbalances and pain in the back, it is important that you consciously work on your posture. If you specifically strengthen the muscles of your back, you will find it easier to maintain a straight posture. Posture trainers enable you to train your back muscles in a targeted way. Correct posture not only influences the movements of our body, but also has a significant impact on our well-being and charisma.

These are the benefits of a healthy posture:

  •     Less back pain
  •     More self-confidence and persuasiveness
  •     Increased attractiveness
  •     Positive influence on the psyche (better mood)
  •     Helps against fatigue
  •     Improved oxygenation and breathing  
  •     Improved blood circulation and digestion

How long should I wear a posture trainer?

A posture trainer helps the back by exercising the back muscles. When wearing a posture trainer, it is important that you do not wear it all day long. If you wear it for too long, the muscles in your upper back could develop backwards as a result of the shoulders being pulled backwards. To achieve the desired effect of a more upright posture, we recommend that you wear the posture trainer for 30 minutes a day at the beginning. This way your body can slowly get used to the traction and the muscles are gently trained and strengthened. After 2 to 3 weeks, you can increase the length of time you wear the posture trainer and, if you are not uncomfortable, wear it for 1 to 2 hours a day. It is important that you take care of your body and get used to wearing the posture trainer.