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Slacklining is the outdoor trend! Whether it's in the park with friends, in the backyard with the family, fitness training or therapy. Working out on a slackline not only looks cool, but can help you build body awareness. Want to buy a slackline but don't know which one is right for you? No problem! In our slackline guide, we'll help you find the right slackline for you.

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Gibbon® Giboard Set
Gibbon® Giboard Set
Gibbon® Giboard Set The innovation from Gibbon®: A smart combination of slackline and board becomes the Giboard! The Giboard brings fun and lifestyle together. The board, which is just over 1 meter long, is curved upwards at both ends....
Content 1 Stück
€199.95 *
Gibbon® Slackline Classic Line Tree Pro
Gibbon® Slackline Classic Line Tree Pro
The slackline "Classic Line Tree Pro" combines the original "Classic Line" with a tree protection ("Treepro"). This protects the trees, to which the "Classic Line" is attached, as well as the yourself. Of course this line is also...
Content 1 Stück
€69.95 *
Gibbon® Slackline Classic Line
Gibbon® Slackline Classic Line
The classic among slacklines: Use the No. 1 for beginners and all-rounders. The slackline "Classic Line" is extremely high quality and safe, easy to use and very durable. Thanks to the ratchet protection ("RATPAD") included in the scope...
Content 1 Stück
€89.95 *
Gibbon® Slackline Fitness Line
Gibbon® Slackline Fitness Line
The slackline "Fitness Line" was developed together with physiotherapists and sports scientists and is also part of the slackrack "Fitness Edition". This slackline will help you and your Give patients a lot of fun with the therapy and a...
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€89.95 *
Gibbon® Slackrack Fitness Edition
Gibbon® Slackrack Fitness Edition
The slackrack "Fitness Edition" from GIBBON is the ideal therapy companion in your practice. The slackrack allows you to set up a slackline without fixation points, such as trees outdoors. You can set up the rack as 2 or 3 meters; with...
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€429.00 *

On the slackline, get ready, go! That's why you should buy a slackline now

Slacklining is not only a trendy fun sport that you can do outdoors with your friends when the weather is nice, but is also used by climbers, surfers, ski jumpers and skiers as a relaxed balancing workout. More and more fitness studios and therapy practices are relying on slacklines, as training on the wobbly bands can be very effective, fun and makes successes visible. The slackline is easy, can be quickly attached and set up almost anywhere. This makes it your fitness wonder weapon against bad moods!

What should you consider when buying a slackline?

Which slackline is right for you depends on your training level. Depending on how much experience you have already gained on the slackline, your slackline needs a different length and width. The set should include a tree guard to protect trees and line. In addition, a ratchet to be able to tension the tape. The slackline set should comply with DIN guidelines (DIN 79400), meet safety regulations and be TÜV-tested.

How wide and how long should a slackline be?

[Note: all our lines are 5cm wide]

For beginners and advanced slacklines should have a width of 5cm. The wide band gives you more surface area to hit the line with your foot. This is especially for slackline beginners an advantage, because the coordination can still be difficult at the beginning. However, the 5cm line is also very popular with advanced players, because first jumps and tricks are easier to stand than on the narrower models. Full-blooded professionals also like to turn to narrower slacklines. A length of up to 15 meters is ideal for children, slackline beginners and trickliners. Advanced or motivated beginners can also choose the XL model with a length of 25 meters. For effective indoor fitness training, a length of 2-4 meters is also sufficient.

Do I need a tree protection?

Yes, a tree protection is mandatory. Otherwise, the sensitive bark of the tree can be damaged by the load of the slackline. But also the slackline is affected by the sharp-edged tree bark. Therefore, all our Slackline GIBBON® models include 2 large tree protectors "Treewear". These are quickly attached to the tree thanks to Velcro.

Slacklines in our assortment

Gibbon Slackline Classic Line Treewear Set

  • Length: 15 meters, width: 5cm
  • Low stretch -> learning is possible in close proximity to the ground
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Not suitable for big jumps and tricks
  • 2-piece set: easy and quick to assemble
  • 2 large tree protectors "Treewear" and ratchet protection (RAT PAD) included

Gibbon Slackline Classic Line Treewear Set XL

  • length: 25 meters, width: 5cm
  • Longline training
  • Ideal for motivated beginners and advanced
  • Not suitable for big jumps and tricks
  • 2-piece set: easy and quick to assemble
  • 2 large tree protectors "Treewear" and ratchet protection (RAT PAD) included

Gibbon Slackline Jibline Treewear Set

  • Length: 15 meters, width: 5cm
  • Medium stretch
  • Suitable for simple balancing, but also more demanding tricks
  • Allrounder for Slackline advanced and Trickline beginners
  • 2-piece set: easy and quick to assemble
  • 2 large tree protectors "Treewear" and ratchet protector (RAT PAD) included

Gibbon Slackrack Fitness Edition

  • length: 2 to 3 meters, width: 5cm
  • Frame to set up in the gym, practice or living room
  • Ideally suited for professional fitness training and therapy
  • Ideal for children and seniors
  • Intensified training effects through self-induced vibrations
  • Built-in movable handles for exercises with the hands on the slackline

What are the different types of slacklines?

All slacklines are easy to assemble and are based on the same principle. Depending on your needs, the slacklines can be soft or tightly tensioned. The higher the tension, the easier it is to maintain balance. The important differences concern the length and width.

The following types are distinguished:

  • Children's slackline: 10-15m long, 5cm wide.
  • Slowline or Allround-Line: 15-50m long, 3,5 - 5cm wide
  • Longline: from 25 meters long, 5cm wide
  • Jibline (dancing and tricks): 15m long, 5cm wide
  • Jumpline (for jumping): 10m, 4-5cm wide

Can you use the slackline indoor and outdoor?

In principle, slacklining is possible indoors and outdoors. However, the usual slacklines are designed to be used outdoors. The objects to which the slackline is attached must withstand strong loads. Strong trees are particularly suitable for this. However, other attachments such as pillars or posts can also be used, as long as they are stable enough. Thus, it is also possible to build Slacklines indoor, for example, in gyms.

The Slackrack is characterized here by its versatility. Through the associated frame and the 2 to 3 meter length, it can be set up both outdoors and in any home and practice in just 15 minutes.

Everything you need to know about slacklining

What do you train when slacklining?

In addition to the coordinative skills, the main focus is on balance training. To be able to hold exactly this correctly on the slackline, our body must make many small regulations. This trains the deep muscles in the legs and torso. Also the slightly bent position of the knee and hip joints can have a strengthening effect over time. However, the goal of slackline training is primarily to improve body awareness.

How do you set up a slackline?

To set up the longer slacklines and jiblines, all you need is the slackline, a ratchet and 2 fixed points (trees, posts, etc.) to which the lines can be attached, for example, in gardens, parks or indoor slack halls. The slackline is placed at the anchor points on the fixing object and connected to the ratchet. The ratchet, which is included in all slackline sets including ratchet protection, is tensioned and locked. Thus, the attachment is uncomplicated and fast. In addition, these sets not only get a ratchet protection but also the tree protection "Treewear" to protect trees and line. For tips on proper setup, check out the free GIBBON® Slack app.

The free-standing Slackrack fitness frame can be set up in just 15 minutes at home, in the office or outdoors without the need for support posts.

How high should the slackline be set up?

Beginners should stretch the slackline to short distances and set it up at knee height. If the slackline is crossed safely and controlled until the end, the height can be raised bit by bit. Advanced and trickliners stretch the line up to a height of 1.10m. However, the following always applies: the higher the slackline is stretched, the higher the risk of injury.

You are a slackline beginner? This is how you take your first steps!

Every new beginning is a shaky challenge. But with the right tips and tricks, you'll soon master the slackline. These 5 tips will help you take your first steps on the slackline:

  1. Take off your shoes on the slackline. Due to the rubber pressure you have a stronger grip and will be able to hold yourself better on the slackline.
  2. Place your foot in the direction of the tape and bend your knees slightly.
  3. Stand with one foot on the slackline and try to keep your balance.
  4. Fix your eyes on a fixed point, e.g. the tree at the end of the slackline or the opposite end of the slackline frame.
  5. Motivation tip: Count the steps on the slackline that you have managed. You'll see: Over time, there will be more and more and soon you will manage to balance to the end of the slackline.

Tutorials and technique tips from slackline beginner to pro can be found in the free GIBBON® Slack app.