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TOGU® Aero-Step® Pro Actisan®

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • With antimicrobially effective actisan material
  • Unstable surface allows training with maximum effect
  • Can be used standing up or in the prone, lateral and supine positions
  • 10307
  • 40 cm
  • 8,5 cm
  • 52 cm
The new Aero-Step Pro with actisan - made in Germany - is more dynamic, larger and more... more

The new Aero-Step Pro with actisan - made in Germany - is more dynamic, larger and more versatile. It has one side with pimples and one side without, so the Aero Step Pro can be used on both sides usable - 2 in 1, ideal for cleaning - easy-clean and easy to stack - easy-store. actisan offers a reliable hygienic solution for group training:

The innovative actisan material is highly effective against bacteria and other microorganisms on an ionic basis. Harmless to humans, the device disinfects itself and is more efficient than common wipe disinfectants. The material retains its full effectiveness for a period of over five years.

What does the Aero-Step Pro do with actisan?

The proven leg axis trainer with the 2-chamber air system as unstable base allows a training with maximum effect. The training goes more intensively into the depth, perception, stimulus processing and stability are trained and improved. The Aero-Step Pro can be used in a standing, prone, lateral and supine position.

Equipped with approx. 1000 round pimples for massage and blood circulation. Suitable for therapy and rehabilitation, especially for foot and leg axis training, in the fitness studio or at home. The Aero Step Pro has been awarded the AGR seal of approval as particularly back-friendly.

Detailed exercise instructions and an air pump for individual adjustment are included.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: approx. 52x40x8,5 cm
  • Weight: approx. 3.600 g
  • Load capacity: approx. 200 kg

Tested and recommended by the Forum: Gesunder Rücken - besser leben e.V. and the Federal Association of German Back Schools (BdR)

Further information at: Healthy Back Campaign, Stader Str. 6, D-27432 Bremervörde, www.agr-ev.de

*If you have any complaints, ask your doctor or physiotherapist for advice before starting training.

Width: 40 cm
Height: 52 cm
Lenght: 8,5 cm