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Running and compression socks

Running and compression socks

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • Compression stockings: elastic, light, durable, non-slip and breathable
  • Support of the arch of the foot
  • Increases the tissue pressure and thereby improves the blood circulation and thus ensures a better oxygen supply for the muscle



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Newly developed compression stockings! Currently, many runners still underestimate the value... more

Newly developed compression stockings! Currently, many runners still underestimate the value and benefits of perfectly fitting compression stockings! We have the right sock: based on the principle of These patented stockings were developed to provide compression and at the same time support the longitudinal arch. Elastic, light, durable, non-slip and breathable.

product details:

  • Anatomically shaped - high performance:
  • Pleasant wearing comfort
  • Optimal compression effect
  • Support of the arch of the foot
  • Content: 1 pair

Mode of operation:

Tight-fitting, elastic material from the toes to the knee achieves compression to improve blood circulation and thus oxygen supply due to the increased tissue pressure for the muscle and other body structures. The special feature of this further development is, however, that at the same time certain reinforced structures in the stockings, the Longitudinal arches can be held in position, which can of course significantly increase performance and reduce fatigue at the same time. In addition to the increase in performance, these socks are also very gladly used in the regeneration phase, in order to be able to set the next positive training stimulus faster. In addition, these stockings can of course also be used at work can be worn to reduce fatigue and also to prevent varicose veins, for example. A must for every runner, but also for every therapist.

Tip: Also suitable for the therapist who spends 8 hours a day in his practice!

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