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  • To loosen stiff, tight muscles
  • Provides immediate pain relief by calming the pain receptors
  • Massage tool for back and neck problems
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HighBaller is the only two-ball massager with width-adjustable, angled massage balls that can... more

HighBaller is the only two-ball massager with width-adjustable, angled massage balls that can be used for self-myofascial relaxation (SMR) and to loosen stiff, taut muscles can be used. The adjustable width and the angled balls allow the HighBaller to be used anywhere on the body in a way that no other tool for Self-massage can. HighBaller provides an immediate pain-relieving effect by calming the pain receptors and helps you in the long term to loosen your stiff, taut muscles to To make your everyday life pleasant again.

Why is the High Baller a unique home massager?

  • The trigger point balls with the highest functionality on the market
  • Adjustable massage balls
  • Stays in the base
  • Good friction
  • Contains an overview of the trigger points
  • Hard balls
  • Used for trigger point treatment and to relax stiff and tense muscles
  • Massage tool for back and neck problems
  • Designed and manufactured in Finland
  • Kick starter success 2017
  • HighBaller is a suitable home massager especially for back and neck problems.

Do not let pain stop you

80% of adults suffer from back pain sooner or later in their lives and have to live with it every day. Neck and shoulder problems are also very common and 50% suffer from Pain in these areas. It is also alarming that more and more young people are already suffering from all these problems.

Low flexibility and tense muscles can often be the cause of this type of pain. Typical complaints in the lower part of the body such as knee pain, periosteitis and tense hip flexors & buttock muscles can occur due to tense muscles and low mobility. If you want to stay healthy and have this kind of pain you're gonna love the HighBaller. The HighBaller can take the tension out of your muscles and relieve pain.

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