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  • The first portable product that combines massage, training and stretching
  • Training band with width-adjustable double massage balls
  • Massages while working, driving or travelling
  • 10293
Massage, exercises and stretching: Always and everywhere. A new and versatile training and... more

Massage, exercises and stretching: Always and everywhere. A new and versatile training and massage device

HighTrainer is the first portable product that combines massage, training and stretching. It is a training band with width-adjustable double massage balls, which, with its unique Locking system can be attached to a chair, door or car seat. So you can massage your body while working, driving or travelling. Through the Attachment to the door allows you to use the exercise band for training or dynamic stretching.

The HighTrainer contains over 100 different exercises. And because it's so light and portable, you can do the same exercises as in the gym - no matter where you go, Movement, massage and stretching, wherever your busy life takes you, everything is combined in this unique, versatile device.

- Your advantages at a glance -

1. Massage

The HighTrainer can be used for trigger point massage during work, while travelling or while driving. The unique locking system allows you to lock the product to the chair or fastened in the car seat. You can adjust the width of the two balls individually for you, so that it is optimally adjusted to your body and muscles.

The HighTrainer saves you time and massages you while working or driving. It can also help you to reduce your muscle tension and stiffness so that you can cope with everyday life can enjoy again. It can help to reopen the muscles and strengthen them so that you can prevent new tensions.

2. Training - at any time, anywhere!

The portable HighTrainer can easily be used in a wide variety of locations. This means that you spend less time in the gym and you can already work out in the office or at home with the Start workout. You can attach the HighTrainer exercise band to any door and due to the unique shape and flexibility of the band, you can perform many different exercises. The HighTrainer saves you time and gives you the opportunity to exercise at any time and anywhere: at home, in the office or in a hotel room. The choice is yours!

3. Dynamic stretching

The HighTrainer exercise band can also be used for dynamic stretching. It is perfect as the first exercise in the morning or after a long day at work.

Dynamic stretching is very helpful for improving mobility, for warming up before a hard workout or for coordination training. Dynamic stretching also improves your Circulation. To enjoy the benefits of the HighTrainers, try short series of stretching exercises. We recommend 4 sets of 10 slow repetitions with a a short break in between.

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