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Squeezy Athletic 550g tin

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Weight loss with a meal replacement SQUEEZY ATHLETIC is a meal replacement based on... more

Weight loss with a meal replacement

SQUEEZY ATHLETIC is a meal replacement based on the patented active ingredient Vitalose20®. A very low glycemic index of < 20 (!) and valuable ingredients offer Athletes a unique and easy way to get their body in shape effectively.

For all sportsmen and women for whom, in addition to performance and endurance, weight is also decisive.

The advantages of SQUEEZY ATHLETIC at a glance:

-SQUEEZY ATHLETIC has a very low glycaemic index (< 20) and thus leads to only a very slight increase in blood sugar levels. The result is a significantly more effective Burning fat!

-SQUEEZY ATHLETIC is based on natural whole wheat grain, from which the unwanted starch is almost completely removed by a patented and complex fermentation process.

-SQUEEZY ATHLETIC contains valuable proteins, fibres and high-quality carbohydrates in a very high bioavailability due to the double fermentation.

-SQUEEZY ATHLETIC preserves the already acquired muscles.

-SQUEEZY ATHLETIC prevents the yo-yo effect when used correctly.

-SQUEEZY ATHLETIC comes in a 550g tin (equivalent to 10 meals) and is available in three flavours: chocolate, vanilla and banana.

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