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Activ5 : Your Gym & Game partner. No matter... more

Activ5: Your Gym & Game partner.

No matter if your personal workout or fun and games for the whole family:
Activ5 makes it possible - always and everywhere.

You are a hobby or professional sportsman? Then Activ5 is your individual personal trainer. But much more flexible!
Because you can
use it whenever you want and wherever you want, whether at work, on the road or at home. Everything
what you need is your smartphone.
The isometric whole body training device improves your coordination and animates you in only 5 minutes
Training units for
sports. It measures your strength and gives you a very personal Training program
. More than 100 different workouts provide you with
variety in your daily workouts Training.

You are looking for Fun and games for the whole Family? Then Activ5 is your device. Whether alone to pass the time or
at the games evening with the
Family: With the Activ5, physical activity comes within your own four wall
not too short. Playfully and quite incidentally, strength
and coordination of the whole family trained. Download
various games from the AppStore to your smartphone or tablet and you're ready to play
we're good to go. Easier
it's not possible!

Product details:

  • robust design that can withstand loads of over 90 kg
  • individually adaptable to every fitness level
  • easily transportable for use at home, at work or on the road and when travelling
  • Dimensions: 9,5 cm x 8,3 cm x 3,2 cm & weight: 136 g
  • Activ5 Training App available for IOS and Android (compatible with IOS 11.0 and Android 4.4 or later)
  • Scope of delivery: Activ5 including Smartphone stand

Download the operating instructions here for your activ5.

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Our comment on "Activ5"
"The small but nice activity helper Who does not know this, due to professional and private appointments the essential is often missed out - movement! We all know how important and necessary daily exercise, but we can rarely take as much time for it as we should. Be it because there is not enough space or even the training (time) space. Additionally there are factors like: -Working on the road, family situation, etc. Here the "studio of the training partners to go" can be a very good remedy. The Activ5 is as simple as effective. You the use of a App connected to the tablet or smartphone, the virtual training with exact execution is always in the (travel) bag. With the possibility of individual strength measurement the system calculates the optimal strength curve for muscle building. Whether single exercises or whole training rounds, the simplicity is unbeatable to not get out of the training rhythm. Whether in the track, on the Hotel room or in the busy break, the Activ5 is always ready. Even for those who are not interested in movement, there is the playful version, which is really fun and thus reduces the effort! Me was allowed to test the Activ5 exclusively. The result is a nice change to dynamic training plans with little effort. Through targeted isometric (without movement - only tension) tension of individual muscles or even entire muscle chains, the body is brought up to speed. I will definitely always have this little helper in my luggage for further business trips, the Time for studio training. The remarkable thing about it is that I haven't even gotten all the features yet... ...so there's a lot to discover..." - Ferdinand Jeske, physiotherapist & Bobath therapist
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