Special course Spine & SIJ

The spine enables us to errect our body against the gravity and to act flexibly to the requirements of life. The more problematic it is if its functions are disturbed.

This course enables new perceptions on functions and dysfunctions of the spine regarding approaches of osteopathy, Anatomy Trains by Thomas W. Myers as well as the Body Balloon Theory, all as possibilities of “Body Reading”.

Implement the ideas of Body Reading at specific disease patterns and develope your individual tape application!

Expect the following:

  • Latest findings from research

  • Theoretical know-how about Anatomy Trains, Body Balloon Theory etc.

  • Standardized applications for selected disease patterns

  • Evaluation of individual taping applications

Content of Special course Spine & SIJ

  • Structure of spine and trunk muscles

  • Presentation of a healthy posture and anomalies

  • Holistic assessment

  • Correction via ascending and descending chains

  • Standardized applications, for example for vegetative dystonia, stabilization of the spine, M. transversus abdominis, Standardisierte Anlagen, z. B. bei vegetativer Dystonie, Stabilisierung der Wirbelsäule, M. Transversus abdominis, Spondylolisthesis, SIJ problems etc.