Special course Pediatrics

Based on the knowledge of Masterclass Module 1, holistic determination techniques as well as special tape applications for disease patterns from the area of pediatrics are tought. You will learn how you can have a positive influence on the evaluation of babies and children via K-Active® Taipng and you will learn important basics of taping in children orthopedics as well as in general and neurological pediatrics.

This course was developed in cooperation with K-Active and a well known children’s hospital Olgahospital in Stuttgart. The aim of this course is to impart specific applications from the pediatric sector to the relevant therapists with the motto “from the surgery for the surgery”.

Expect the following:

  • Specialities when treating babies and children

  • Repetition and deepening of diagnosis and therapy

  • Standardized applications from children orthopaedics, neurological and general pediatrics

Content of Special course Pediatrics

  • Quick repetition and deepening of the K-Active philosophy related on clinical diagnostics and therapy
  • Tensegrity Model, body reading and modern fascia research
  • Responding to children specific problems

  • Specialty of the diagnostics in the pediatrics, including functional tests
  • Colour testing with children
  • Presentation of the holistical K-Active testing process
  • Children orthopedics: Skew-flat foot, club foot, Osgod Schlatter, rotation defective position lower leg, genu valgum, hyperextenison knee, hyperlordose lower back, postural disturbance, skoliosis, arthrogryposis

  • General pediatrics: Rheumatic diseases, mucoviscidosis, scars and burns
  • Neuropediatrics: Spinal muscular atrophy, generalized hypotonia, cerebral palsy