Gynaecology & Obstetrics

The pregnancy is a special time in the life of a woman, stamped by many changes in the body of the mother. Energetic, hormonal and structural conversions are the bases for growing up the new life.

Static changes by the mothers belly becoming greater very often lead to strains of the belly and back musculature and therefore often to problems in the lumbar portion of the spine region. Hormonal relaxation of the capsule structures as a preparation on the natal process can lead to irritations of the SIJ. Lymphatic backflow disturbances in the area of the legs are often a result of narrowing of the drain ways in the pelvic area as well as changes of the venous and lymphatic system. The use of drugs is mostly not possible because of the potential risk for the Baby.

The bases of this course are the four basic techniques of the K-Active Taping. Then comprehensive investigation technologies as well as special tape arrangements are given for discomfort from the area of gynecology and all around pregnancy.

Expect the following:

  • You will learn new and gentle holistic determination techniques that leads to an effective use of different K-Active® taping applications for gynaecologic problems. These techniques can also be used as support during and after pregnancy.

Content of Special course Gynaecology & Obstetrics

  • Examples of application possibilities in gynecology and obstetrics, possible applications in oncology
  • Supporting arrangements with osteoporosis
  • Usefull applications with newborn children
  • Imparting of the basic techniques of K-Active Taping (muscle, ligament, correction and fascia techniques) by means of K-Active Tape Classic with help of well-chosen indications
  • General pain problems, like cervical spine, lumbar portion of the spine and headache
  • Static problems, e. g. SIJ/backbone
  • Treatment of menstrual discomfort, pregnancy problems, remission, lactation problems, incontinence and lowering