Sporttape Strap All

Rehab Medic® Sporttape Strap All

This high-quality American sports tape is tearable lengthwise and crosswise and represents a cost-effective alternative to other sports tape products.

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These are among others very often used in American Football in the USA. Here the players have to be taped prophylactically in order to guarantee their insurance cover. This tape is used in prophylaxis as well as after injuries and operations.

  • 100 % cotton fabric
  • hypoallergen
  • easy to tear, both vertically and horizontally
  • latex-free
  • produced according to the highest US-American requirements
  • Packaging unit: Box of 32

Rehab Medic® PreTape

Before applying self-adhesive tapes, it is advisable to protect the skin of the patient or athlete, especially if they have sensitive skin. For this purpose Rehab Medic offers this special product as a pre-wrap (for both preventive and therapeutic use).

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  • Size: 7 cm x 27 m
  • outer packaging: box of 6, box of 12, box of 24
Easy Wrap

Rehab Medic® Easy Wrap

A plastic film on a dispenser makes wrapping with one hand child's play.

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  • Allows the wound to be examined with simultaneous compression
  • Patented built-in brake makes tearing off easier
  • Self-adhesive

Urgo® medical

Everything you need, from bandages to suture strips.

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Cohefix Unterzugbinde in verschiedenen Farben

K-Active® Cohefix

The cohesive, elastic fixing bandage from K-Active®!

K-Active® Cohefix
Polysport Sporttape in verschiedenen Breiten


The versatile sports tape for every budget!