The Refresher offers latest findings of research in the field of diagnosis tools as well as in the field of therapeutical implemention in order to update and complete the existing knowledge of the participants.

Furthermore, the course offers the opportunity to present patients. Difficult or patients resistant to therapy can be determined taped together with the instructor. This exchange of experiences is important for many participants in order to understand connections and backgrounds in the human body even better.

Expect the following:

  • Latest knowledge from research and practice

  • Repetition of the basic techniques

  • Practical exercises

  • Discussion of individual questions of the participants

Contents of the Refresher

  • Repetition and refreshing of the knowledge from Masterclass Module 1 and 2
  • Update about the current findings of K-Active Taping
  • Determining of diseases of patients on site
  • Diagnosis and tape application at patients on site
  • Asking and clearifying of current therapeutic patients