The Innovation in the field of Foam- or(Black)Roll


- Innovative BlackRoll(Foam) on mounted stands
- Significant less muscle strain while exercising
- The roll puts concentrated pressure on the specific area that needs to be massaged


Use this opportunity to work on different body structures with this new foam roller while requiring significantly less muscle tension in the body, which could reduce the therapy success. Thanks to / Due to a movable roll on a mounted stand, it is now possible to focus more on a relaxing movement. That way for example, you can perfectly massage the calf muscles in a supine position without putting tension on the rest of the body. The legs of the stand which are made out of aluminum and glass fiber reinforced plastic are removable on one or both sides. When removing one side, a tilted level is created to roll out for example the Tractus ilio-tibilas perfectly. Taking off both sides allows you to treat your back in the best way possible with the BlackRoll.

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