Product description

The inelastic sports tapes often used in top-class sports are ideal for prophylactic and therapeutic support and protective bandages as well as for the treatment of injuries to muscles, ligaments and joints. It is an important tool in the field of sports support and should therefore not be missing in any clinic or athletic trainer kit.

Material properties

The carrier material consists of 100% cotton fabric, coated with a skin-compatible zinc oxide/natural rubber adhesive, which is harmless with regard to skin allergic reactions. The material enables easy and residue-free removal from the skin.


The POLYSPORT Sporttape has a strong adhesive power. It is strong and inelastic. The edges have a serrated cut, which allows the user an uncomplicated manual cross tearing.

KK Sporttape verschiedene Farben

KK Sporttape

The cost-effective alternative for branded sports tapes.

KK Sporttape
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