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K-Active Recovery: Recover like a Champion

K-Active Recovery: Recover like a Champion

Give sore muscles, water retention, swelling and heavy legs no more chance!

With the K-Active Recovery Boots and our attachments for the hips and arms, you are well equipped for all challenges in sports, everyday life, or therapy.
There is no quicker and less complicated way to recover effectively, than with K-Active Recovery. Whether before or after a sports session, in between lunch breaks, or in the evening on the couch - the Recovery Boots are the best choice in every situation.

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K-Active® Recovery Boots 2.0
K-Active® Recovery Boots 2.0
K-Active® Recovery Boots 2.0 The regeneration system for powerful legs Do you have heavy and tired legs after training or playing? Your legs have poor circulation and are swollen? Do you suffer from acute or chronic water retention? You...
Content 1 Stück
€798.00 *
K-Active® Recovery Carrying Bag
K-Active® Recovery Carrying Bag
The K-Active® Recovery carrying bag: Everything quickly stowed and safely transported You want to use your K-Active® Recovery outside your practice or home, but you don't want it to get damaged during transport? With the carrying bag you...
Content 1 Stück
€29.80 *
Hip for K-Active® Recovery 2.0
Hip for K-Active® Recovery 2.0
Hip for K-Active® Recovery 2.0 Calm your torso! You are already using the K-Active® Recovery Boots and have noticed that your hip area also needs more attention? With the K-Active Recovery hip section we now provide the right solution....
Content 1 Stück
€178.00 *

The brilliant technology of compression massage

Our K-Active Recovery Boots, as well as all additional parts, have several compression zones that adapt to the body without gaps when compressed.

This technology ensures uncompromising treatment of all muscles.
According to therapists, the compression massage also relieves feelings of tension and pain, helps with lymphatic complaints, and reduces leg volume.
The flowing pressure movement transports waste products and fluids stored in the tissue from the extremities towards the torso.
This accelerates their metabolization and promotes the breakdown of metabolic products.

And this is how it works:

Putting on the cuffs is quick and incredibly simple.
Open the zips, slip them on, connect the cables and off you go.
The duration and intensity of the application can be freely selected using the control unit.
So, you can find the best option for you for every occasion.

Recommended by doctors and therapists:

The K-Active Recovery promotes regeneration, helps with lymphatic problems and reduces feelings of tension and pain. Sit back and relax during the soothing massage and give your nervous system, body and soul a little break.

Therapy around the clock

You are a physiotherapist and want to do something good for your patients beyond the manual treatment? Thanks to the uncomplicated transport, the quick cleaning and the simple operation, you can rent out the Recovery Boots and their additional parts without hesitation.
This way you can provide therapy to your patients even in your absence.

Why our K-Active Recovery Boots?

With our recovery systems, we offer you unbeatable quality products at the best conditions, developed with know-how at the highest level.

Because the health of our customers and patients is our top priority.

Do you have any questions? Then simply contact us!

For individual advice, we are of course available by phone or e-mail to meet your needs to your complete satisfaction.

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E-mail: [email protected]