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entorch® - Let the recovery begin!

Heutzutage sind körperliche und mentale Überlastung im Leistungssport und Profisport oft die Realität. Muskelkater, Einschränkungen der Beweglichkeit, Einbußen bei der Performance stehen an der Tagesordnung jedes Sportlers. Dazu kommen noch zu kurze Regenerationsphasen und Verletzungen. Trotz allem müssen wir funktionieren und die bestmögliche Leistung jeden Tag abrufen. Um dies zu erreichen, kannst Du dir Unterstützung holen. Mit der Kompressions- und Regenerationsbekleidung der Marke entorch® kannst Du Deine Ziele smart und zügig erreichen. entorch® ist DER Kompressionsexperte, wenn es um schnellere Regeneration und Verletzungsprophylaxe geht. 

Du möchtest Dein Verletzungsrisiko minimieren und Deine persönlichen Ziele im Sport erreichen? Du möchtest nach anstrengenden Trainingseinheiten und Spielen schnell und smart regenerieren, um zügig wieder Gas geben zu können und Dein Team zu Höchstleistungen zu treiben?  


…let the recovery begin! 


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Entorch® Recovery Socks
Entorch® Recovery Socks
Entorch® Recovery Socks Tired and broken legs? Not for much longer, because we have the solution for you! Discover the Recovery Socks by Entorch® - the compression socks support your regeneration and are the perfect companion for on the...
Content 2 Stück
€55.00 *
Entorch® Action Shorts
Entorch® Action Shorts
Entorch® Action Shorts You want to wear the shorts? Then we have just the thing for you. The Action Shorts from Entorch®! The compression shorts keep their promise because they fit your thighs like a second skin. The Action Shorts are...
Content 1 Stück
€90.00 *

Entorch®: THE brand for athletes!

Entorch® is characterised by an expert team of professional athletes, doctors, physiotherapists, and coaches. Entorch compression and recovery garments combine recovery, injury prevention, motivation, and performance. No matter in which sport you feel at home, the compression clothing helps you and your team to regenerate smartly, to reduce the risk of injury and thus also increases your motivation and performance. Whether before, during or after a competition or match, Entorch® compression clothing is the right choice for every situation. You can also benefit from the high-quality products during the game. 

The Entorch® FORMULA - proximity to top athletes

By being close to athletes, Entorch® has realised that it is enormously important to feel comfortable in your "second skin" on the playing field. The constant exchange with athletes shows how important wearing comfort is for performance. The feedback from the athletes - in addition to findings from medicine, science, and textiles - flows into product development. Only in this way can the needs of everyone be met. 

Real compression for real athletes with Entorch®.

Thanks to Entorch® compression garments, blood flow in the body is increased. Muscle soreness can also be significantly reduced by wearing the clothing, allowing you to recover faster. In addition to improved recovery, protection during performance is just as important. The compression garment fits perfectly to your skin and supports your muscles functionally by reducing muscle vibrations and increasing proprioception (= depth perception of the muscles) and stability. In this way, you are also better protected from muscle and joint injuries during the game or training.

Entorch® quality - Made in Europe

Entorch® produces its products exclusively in Europe. Production takes place either in Germany or in Italy. Short communication channels, constructive cooperation and fair production conditions are important to the manufacturer. This makes Entorch® a strong brand and guarantees the high quality of the products. Furthermore, the manufacturer follows the highest German standards regarding performance, reliability, service, and ecology. The "Made in Germany" seal of quality plays a decisive role in Entorch®'s product development.