K-Active® Taping Courses

Since 2000, K-Active® head instructor Siegfried Breitenbach, who is certified as licensed sport physiotherapist by the German Olympic Sports Confederation, has developed the content of courses in Kinesiology Taping with the K-Active® instructor team and is recognized as one of the pioneers of excellence in this method throughout Europe. The team, consisting of professors, doctors, physiothera­pists, natural healers and sport scientists, constantly optimizes the contents of the K-Active® Taping Education System. The aim of K-Active® Therapy is to find key points in the human body through holistic assessment to treat these the­rapeutically and with taping. This approach has an advan­tage over the simplistic and generic symptomatical treat­ment methodologies.

Open your mind – learn this holistic method to optimize your therapy!

Masterclass – The introduction courses

Module 1

Masterclass Module 1

You want to access the world of Kinesiology Taping? Get more information about the content of Masterclass Module 1 and book your first course!

Module 2

Masterclass Module 2

This is the perfect course for people who discovered the capability of Kinesiology Taping and who want to deepen their knowledge. Learn new taping techniques and perfect your skills – for the welfare of your patients!



Your last course has been a long time ago? You want to find out about the latest findings, for example from fascia research, and to update your taping skills? Then book the Refresher now.

Module 1 for trainer

Module 1 for trainer

Kinesiology Taping is not only for therapists and medical doctors: You are on demand as sports scientist and trainer! Stand out from your competitors and offer your sportsmen support and a “faster return to play” by K-Active® Taping.

Med. assistants

Taping for medical assistants

This course has been optimized for all practice stuff who apply the Kinesiology Tape according to the diagnosis of the medical doctor.

Lymphology XL

Lymphology & Scars XL

You are interested in Kinesiology Taping with the focus on lymphology? This course teaches basic knowledge and techniques as well as specific applications for lymphology & scars.

Gynaecology XL

Gynaecology & Obstetrics XL

This XL course combines basic knowledge and techniques of Kinesiology Taping with standardized and proven applications for gynaecology and obstetrics. The perfect introduction for gynaecologists and midwives into the world of taping!

Special courses – Continuation in specific fields*


Special course Sport

In this course you will learn everything about acute care of sports injuries – wether you are medical doctor, therapist, sports scientist, teacher or trainer!

Spine & SIJ

Special course Spine & SIJ

Expand your know-how from the introduction course with perceptions on functions and dysfunctions of the spine, regarding approaches from osteopathy, Anatomy Trains as well as the Body Balloon Theory.


Special course Lymphology & Scars

Compared to the XL course, basic knowledge and techniques won’t be tought in this course; holistic assessment techniques as well as specific taping applications for disease patterns from the field of lymphology and scars are brought into focus.


Special course Gynaecology & obstetrics

Based on the knowledge of the Masterclass Module 1, holistic assessment techniques as well as specific taping applications for disorders in the field of gynaecology and round about pregnancy are tought.


Special course Neurology

This is the right course to learn standardized applications from the field of neurology, but also to elaborate individual techniques according to different disease patterns. Dies ist der richtige Kurs, um standardisierte Anlagen aus dem Fachbereich Neurologie zu erlernen, aber auch um individuelle Techniken anhand verschiedenster Krankheitsbilder auszuarbeiten. The course consists of a theoretical and a practical part.


Special course pediatrics

In the course pediatrics you learn how to possibly influence the physical evolution of babies and toddlers by K-Active® Taping positively. Learn the important basics for the taping in children orthopaedics as well as in the neurological pediatrics.

*Introduction course in Kinesiology Taping necessary

Veterinary taping – also animals can benefit from Kinesiology Taping!

Taping for horses

Taping for horses

You will learn the history and basics of K-Active® Taping as well as the four basic techniques. Furthermore, specifics of the application at horses are tought and you will exercise the practical implementation in everyday life.

Taping for dogs

Taping for dogs

Currently, we don’t offer a course about the Kinesiology Taping for dogs. But if you want to get some impulses for taping applications for your dog, we recommend the book “Introduction into the Canine Kinesiology Taping Method” from our OnlineShop.

InHouse courses – Collect knowledge for your house!

InHouse courses

InHouse courses

Wether practice, clinic or school – we would love to come to you and lead the course in familiar atmosphere with your colleagues or schoolmates. Get more infomration about the InHouse courses and benefit from special prices!