Our K-Active Tapes are used daily in hospitals, surgeries and professional sports and are recommended by the DOSB!

Many national teams, top teams and individual athletes worldwide have been successfully using the K-Active products for many years, doctors and therapists swear by the high quality of the K-Active tapes, because top sports are all about strong performance.

K-Active® Tape Classic

The origin of all Kinesiological Tapes

K-Active® Tape Gentle

The first tape for sensitive skin

K-Active® Tape Elite

The strongest tape for the softest demands

K-Active® Tape Sport

 Gives particularly strong grip during sports

K-Active ® PreCuts

Open – Apply – Activate

  • Good skin compatibility

  • Reliable long hold

  • With hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive

  • Excellent skin compatibility

  • Irritation-free tape removal

  • With STRATAGEL® adhesive technology

  • Excellent skin
    compatibility + strong hold

  • Irritation-free tape removal

  • With STRATAGEL® Plus adhesive technology

  • Reduced extensibility and more mechanical support

  • Good skin compatibility

  • With hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive

  • Pre-cut kinesiological tapes

  • Simple and fast taping

  • Proven material of the K-Active® Tape Classic

  • More than 30 years ago the first Kinesiological Tape was developed by the company Nitto Denko in Japan. In order to be able to treat the tape without worries, it is of elementary importance for K-Active® that the tapes are manufactured according to high quality standards and are continuously monitored. Only this guarantees a permanently high quality of the K-Active® products.

  • 30.000 employees dedicate themselves to production every day
    and the further development of our products.
    The specific
    work processes are ISO-certified by the German TÜV and
    are therefore a further safety aspect for you.

    K-Active® Tapes are approved as medical devices of the
    Class one.

  • Long application period due to strong hypoallergenic adhesive and precisely cut edges
    • Water-repellent cotton fabric
    • Latex-free
    Exact sinusoidal waves for air and liquid circulation
    • Free of damaging organic halogen components