Das HipTrac™ System

Millions of people suffer from hip problems associated with a variety of diseases such as osteoarthritis, femoro-acetabular impingement (FAI) or labrum lesions. The most widespread manual treatment of these complaints, which has been used for over a hundred years, is the axial traction of the hip. Traditionally, therapists use their hands and pull on the patient's leg to perform hip traction. This technique has proven to be very effective in relieving pain and improving joint mobility. For this reason, many high-performance and professional athletes rely on the traction treatment of the hip after intensive training. It helps in the recovery phase and lets you tackle the next training session less stiffly and tense.

The HipTrac™ is a lightweight, portable device for performing hip traction at home or in any therapeutic setting. Until now, there has been no effective method for patients to perform this technique comfortably and safely without the help of another person. HipTrac™ will help many people with hip problems to significantly improve their quality of life.

Product advantages

Result of hip traction with HipTrac™:
- Increased mobility
- Reduced pain
- Muscle relaxation
- Increasing the level of activity
- Less pain killers
- Improvement of hip functionality




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