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The muscle test book

The muscle test book

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  • Clearly structured reference book for daily practice in orthopaedics, sports medicine, physiotherapy and neurology
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The most important diagnostic instrument for all manual therapy procedures is the examination... more

The most important diagnostic instrument for all manual therapy procedures is the examination of muscle function. The muscle descriptions (approx. 170 muscles) are based on a uniform Structure, which makes it easier to look up individual aspects. The important illustrations are concentrated on two pages each.


  • Origin, approach and function: Knowledge of these is important for the correct positioning of the body part moved by the muscle and for the application of the correct test vector.
  • Signs of weakness: These are listed because evaluating a muscle involves not only manual testing but also postural analysis.
  • Test: The test is to be performed at the start of the patient's treatment and you as the examiner must explain the movement to the patient. The arrows in the illustrations describe therefore always the action of the patient.
  • The seven factors of the viscerosomatic system: These include motor innervation and visceroparietal reflex relationship, neurolymphatic reflex anterior and posterior, neurovascular reflexes, nutrient relationship, pathway and organ relationship.
  • Drainage point (sedation point, S): It is indicated in each case for checking the norm reaction.
  • Filling point (toning point, T): The therapy localization of the filling point normalizes a functional muscle inhibition, if a void situation in the assigned pathway causes Inhibition is one of the causes.
  • SR-association: Painful and tense, not only trigger points can be palpated, but also the points or zones of the spondylogenic reflex syndrome, which are diagnostically different from the former must be distinguished.
  • Trigger points: The most frequent trigger points of the respective muscle are related to the acupuncture points located in their vicinity. The pain transmission is shown in the figures obvious.
  • Tendinomuscular pathway, effective distant points: This is the area of the acupuncture points in the periphery, which usually lie on the pathway, which is a segmental pathway, has a topographical relationship to the muscle. The entire muscle function chain can be therapeutically influenced via these remote points.
  • Postisometric Relaxation (PIR): This describes the procedure for each muscle. The arrows always indicate the contraction vector.

About the author
Hans Garten is a specialist in anaesthesia, a physician in private practice, trained in acupuncture and manual medicine (DGMM) as well as osteopathy, lecturer at the DÄGfA (German Medical Association for Acupuncture, since 1987), former head of the DÄGfA further education centre, first chairman of the German Medical Association for Applied Kinesiology (DÄGAK), since 1992 official authorized teacher (Diploma) of the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) Founder: G. Goodheart International lecturing and teaching (Europe, USA, Brazil).

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  • Language: German
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