Courses by FASZIO®

Courses by FASZIO®

Discover a completely new body feeling – K-Active® in cooperation with 

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You are looking for a healthy and strong body? You want to know how your fascia become elastic and flexible and how you can set deep impulses for your organism by yoga? Then K-Active® is the perfect choice! With innovative exercises and crazy ideas, the qualified and creative team of FASZIO® will bring a new kick into your daily movement routine and extend your understanding for holistic fascia training.
Besides the 7 FASZIO® training strategies, findings from nutrition, metabolism and immune system, emotion, latest fascia research as well as various elements from dance, ballett and traditional movement patterns are included. But what are the 7 FASZIO® training strategies?

The 7 FASZIO® training strategies
The training with FASZIO® is based on 7 pillars: Stretchability, elasticity, flexability, solution techniques, regeneration, stability and perception. These are combined with loosening of blockades and adequate time for regeneration.

  • Manifold and unusual requirements train the perception and create strength, condition and movement expertise.
  • Ligaments and tendons reach more elasticity and stability by new developed stretchability.
  • Connective tissue can be optimized by high elasticity and impulsive movements

Let the instructors Anja and Ferdinand inspire you by this innovative and holistic fascia trianing. Learn new movement elements and processes for your daily training and transfer it, as a exercise leader, to your group. We guarantee a lot of fun and latest knowledge round about movement, fascia training and more.

Be inspired – like many other people before!

Training for back fascia

Training for the back fascia by FASZIO®

Clamping instead of straining! The one who can use this difference will learn the capability of his back! This brings lightness into the movement, length into the back and releases, for example, the regions of shoulder, neck and haunch. During the workshop “Training for the back fascia” we focus on the back as interface of the bodie’s fascial meridians and as part of the bodily clamping. The model of clamping by the fascial meridians enables a new view on the functional back training by using the whole body. True to the motto “We don’t rest – we train!”we implement classical and modern tools for strengthening and flexibility into our training concept. Advance your range of motion with fun and increase your performance: No mechanical course of motion – but holistic fascial training!

Excerpt of training content:

  • Einblick “Insight: “What is fascia?” and “Why is it important for back training?“
  • Model of strength development during clamping
  • Balancing the fascia meridians according to the FASZIO® method
  • Strengthening the whole bodie’s movements via fascial meridians
  • Flexibility for the great back fascia
  • Mobility of the vertebra segments
  • Trial lesson


Fascial Yoga

Fascial yoga by FASZIO®

for yoga teachers and interested people

Every human strives for mental freedom and physical vitality. Fascia yoga focuses on the merger of the 7 FASZIO® training strategies and the famous Asanas, yoga sequences, breathing exercises and meditation from diverse yoga traditions. Yoga positions and their effects on the body are examined on the base of yoga doctrines and the model of fascial meridians according to FASZIO®. Training sequences by using the release balls are shown, so that a more intensive understanding for the orientation of the Asanas is generated. Furthermore you experience the balancing effect on the nervous system as well as the positive influence of the emotions by releasing blockades. Fascia yoga according to the FASZIO® method offers more facility, width and elasticity in the body and sets deep and therapeutical impulses for the whole organism by amazing simpleness.

Excerpt of content:

  • Why do we need fascia and why are they important for practicing yoga?
  • Fascia: Structure, substance
  • Metabolism and immune system
  • The 7 FASZIO® strategies and their reference to the different yoga traditions
  • Meditation
  • The model of fascia meridians according to FASZIO®