Target group

Health care professionals, sport scientists and trainer with anatomical and physiological knowledge with already completed Masterclass Module 1


Course duration

1st course day: 9.00 am - 2.00 pm



Course number 63


The theory allows you new views on function and dysfunction of the spine in consideration of approaches from the osteopathy, the Anatomy Trains by Thomas W. Myers as well as the body-balloon-theory as a possibility for “Body Reading”.

In the practical part these ideas of the Body Reading will be trained jointly on special cases of illness as well as the development of individual tape applications.

Practical approved applications for specified indicators will be demonstrated and trained. 


This module includes 7 training units (0.5 days) with theory and practice elements of the K-Active Taping. Because of necessary basic knowledge in K-Active Taping, the successful completion of Masterclass Module 1 is required.