More balance, focusing and stabilization for body and mind – suitable for every age


With Gibbon Slackline, developed by physio therapists and sports scientists opportunities are generated which are created through vibrational properties in combination with coordinative challenges. Like no other thing the training works joint stabilizing by ingesting muscle own impulses and by building a resonance frequency. The ideal solution to treat patients of every age from subacute to top fit in the clinic or to keep yourself fit.


Trust in yourself and your body
Within strengthening the joint stabilizing muscles the ideal conditions are established for a sure walk and performance.


Enjoying movement
The Slackline playfully conveys concentration, body sensation and balance. Through its inviting character you will always have motivation and compliance.


Performance increase for more success
Complex strengthening exercises on unstable ground produce effective complete body training for a top performance in competitive sports.


Practically and flexibly on the way or in the clinic with rack.