Caroline Käding, physiotherapeutin B.A.
Maria Bartke, physiotherapeutin B.A.


Please bring:
Comfortable clothing, shoes with flat sole, camera, ruler and colored pencils


Registrations via our course calender.

Slackline in physiotherapy - fun meets effect

A partner offer of Slackline-Therapie


Slacklining is a sport in which someone balances on a 2 to 5 cm wide band that is fixed for example between two trees. In the last years it has greatly increased its popularity as new trend sports. The difficulty is to keep control of the band, which swings in different levels.  For this a high degree of coordination and concentration, as well as body tension is required.


These properties can be used in physiotherapy and so slacklining as therapy and training tool is no longer a secret. With different aims, such as strengthening, sensorimotor training, coordination, balance or pusture training you can use it in all areas of physiotherapy. With a slackline a broad spectrum of therapies is covered with little effort.
Patients from subacute to fit are quick to get into it and they can even take home therapy. The best therapy is one that is regularly done and that is fun!


In the two days, the participants will learn theoretical aspects about the slackline in general, as well as neurophysiological and biomechanical background. The practical part, which forms the focus of the course, includes an introduction into the basics on the slackline. This is followed by methodically sensible structured exercises for the practice and their instructions for the patient. Afterwards, the participants prepare themselves exercises and approaches on the slackline for different patient examples and thus combine theory with the close everyday practice.


With a slackline in your practice you can inspire your patients and thus apart from other pactices – the motto “fun meets effect” speaks for itself!