Target group

Health care professionals, sport scientists and trainer with anatomical and physiological knowledge


Course duration

1st course day: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm



Course number 83


This additional module includes 11 training units (1 day) with theoretical and practical part of K-Active Taping and it can be used for refreshing the knowledge in the area of K-Active Taping.

In this course, the current findings of science in the area of diagnostic tools as well as in the area of therapeutical implementation are tought to update and complete the existing knowledge of the participants.

One important topic of the course is the possibility of patient presentation. Difficult or therapy resistant patients can be determined together with the instructor and subsequent taped therapeutically. This exchange of experiences is often important for the participants to understand the connections and backgrounds in the human body.

Theoretical and practical part:

  • Repetition and refreshing of the knowledge from Masterclass Module 1 and 2
  • Update about the current findings of K-Active Taping
  • Determining of diseases of patients on site
  • Diagnosis and tape application at patients on site
  • Asking and clearifying of current therapeutic patients