Print media for your marketing



   Clinic flyer
   - general information about K-Active taping and therapie    
   - as display in the waiting room   



   Quality flyer
   - this flyer explains the reason for use K-Active tape




   Article 'Magic Tapes'
   - an article about the use of the tape in top sports - its about history
     and effectiveness
   - Format: DIN A4



   Article 'Kinesiology Taping'
   - Article about the japanese concept and the use in top sports    
   - Format: DIN A4




   Article 'Acute care'
   - hint for the acute care by closed injuries in sports
   - Format: DIN A4




   Poster 'Balance'
   - for hang up in the practice or studio           
   - Formats: DIN A2, DIN A3