Nitto Denko Corp.

Nitto - Manufacturer of K-Active Tape - the original from Japan!

Production location Japan

Our products K-Active Tape Classic, Gentle, Elite and Sport are produced in Japan and afterwards sent to our headquarter in Hösbach (Aschaffenburg) near Frankfurt via container.
Here you will find detailed information to the original producer of K-Active Tapes: Nitto Denko Corp.


Manufacturer Nitto Medical, Japan

The Nitto Denko Corp. that has been found in 1918 and is acting as supplier in the medical, electrical and automotive industry and generates an average annual turnover of about five billion Euro.



Over 30 years ago, the first Kinesiology Tape was developed by the company Nitto Denko in Japan and established worldwide in the modern medicine. For a secured taping of, for example, children, pregnant women, patients and athletes, it is important and elementary for K-Active, that the tapes are produced according to high quality standards and that they are continuously observed. This ensures permanent highest quality of the K-Active products.



30.000 employees are daily dedicated to the production and development of different products and are ISO certified from the German TÜV. K-Active Tapes are approved as medical devices in Class 1.



  • Long-term application by strong hypoallergenic adhesive and exact edges
  • Water-repellent and latex-free cotton fabric
  • Free of damaging organic halogen components
  • Exact sinusoidal waves for air and liquid circulation


Thus, Nitto Denko Corp. was the first company that developed and produced Kinesiology ('Kinesio'-)Tapes. At first they have been sold by the Japanese company 'Kinesio' under its own brand. Since 2007, this Kinesiology Tape is sold under the brand ‘K-Active’.


About Nitto

Since its establishment in 1918 the Japanese concern Nitto Denko Corp. has quickly analyzed the market requirement. Based on its key technology (for example adhesives and coats) it was able to generate business dealings worldwide via various industries, like the electrical, automotive, building, infrastructure, environmental and medical industrial sector.

In the region ‘EMEA’ (Europe, Middle East and Africa), the Nitto group runs two production locations with their own development as well as four storage facilities. There, products like sealing, reinforcing and muffing material as well as several kinds of industrial adhesive tapes, for example surface protection films, double-sided and electrical insulating films, are produced and assembled. These adhesive tapes are delivered to the automotive, electronical, furniture, paper, metal working and aviation industry. The Nitto group is also active in the hygienic market with products for diapers.

In the region ‘EMEA’ (with 1,571 employees) the Nitto group generated an overall turnover of 358 Million Euro in the business year 2014/15.
In 2018, the Nitto Denko Corp. will celebrate its existence of 100 years. With the slogan ‘Innovation for our customers’ they continue focusing on the global increase and with new ideas they create values for their customers.

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