Target group

Medical doctors, therapists, further medical staff with neurological previous knowledge with already completed Masterclass Module 1


Course duration

1st course day: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm


Course number 68


Do you enjoy the luxury of more time during neurological treatments? Do you still feel that the 45/60 minutes treatment period is too short to set the desired stimuli, so that your patient leaves your therapy unit with sufficient sensory information and appropriate motivation?

Do you sometimes wish to give your therapeutic hands to your neurological patient in order to help him effectively in everyday life?

With the K-Active Taping in neurology, we provide you with all relevant holistic examination and therapy tools to optimize your already successful treatment results effectively.


K-Active Assessment und therapy
The principle for a successful treatment is the holistic indication. Based on this thought model, K-Active has developed an assessment that provides useful information about therapy and subsequent tape application in addition to the neurological findings. Besides view and mobility screenings, the therapeutic hand at the patient is testing, which changes of skin and fascia can contribute to an improvement of the complaints. True to the motto: “The body knows himself best.” Thus, the testing hand is a symbol of the tape, that reverses itself after application.

This approach provides a distinct advantage towards the application that is only done by theoretical considerations of the therapist. In cases of “theoretical application” it is not always sure that the altered stimulus corresponds to the wishes of the body. Partial the tape must be removed again after an incorrect application.


Theoretical part

  • Teaching of the K-Active philosophy
  • Supplement with knowledge, inter alia in the areas of Tensegrity, Anatomy Trains, energy doctrine, Body Balloon, current fascia research
  • Basics of the Bobath concept
  • Approach of neurological di_ culty for the purpose of the therapy
  • Presentation of the K-Active Assessment with adaption for the area of neurology


Practical part

  • Development of individual and holistic applications at selected diseases, based on the theoretical thought models:
    - Apoplexy
    - Myophaties
    - Craniocerebral trauma
    - Facial nerve paralysis
    - Postural instability
    - Dysphagia
    - Peripheral and central nerve damage
    - Alignment techniques
    - Scoliotic misaligned by neurological diseases
  • Discussion of billing options for therapy


This course includes eleven lessons (1.0 day) with theoretical and practical parts. Because of necessary basic knowledge in K-Active Taping, the successful completion of Masterclass Module 1 is required.