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Mobility and stability

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If restrictions, concerning mobility/stability or motor control, have been determined during an examination, the therapist has to mediate suitable methods to improve or eliminate these.
Just a view things in physiotherapy are as evidence-based as motion: in most musculoskeletal problems and, in addition, it is the one instrument of choice that enables sustainable improvements. The therapist should became the motion coach, time after time. He knows the training basics and their intermediation.


The module “Mobility/Stability” transfers the therapist into the position to develop individual and effective motion schedules and to mediate these. He gets to know the necessary parameter and their testing.
Due to its organization, the module is also applicable for healthy people. Especially the preventive character of motion is one of the key factors in our health system.
Don’t let other competitors bereave you in this sector – it is one the core capabilities of the modern physiotherapy.



  • Definition of mobility, stability, motor control
  • Training basics
  • Organisation of schedules with the focuses:
  • Mobility
  • Stability
  • Motor control
  • Training of connective tissue (fascial training)
  • Use of utilities
  • Band assisted mobilization
  • Tubes, Loops, bands
  • Balls (Lacrosse, Blackroll etc.)
  • Foam Roll (Blackroll, The Grid, etc.)
  • Use of the software Rehatron for organization of schedules


The participant will be transferred into the case to mediate individual motion schedules


Target group:


1 Day


Dennis Kraus, physiotherapist, alternative practitioner and team


Course fee:
150.00 € (10 lessons) incl. handouts and access to the online platform for repetition of all course contents