Target group

Health care professionals, sport scientists and trainer with anatomical and physiological knowledge


Course content

- History & philosophy of Kinesiology Taping
- Theoretical mindest, supported by findings from the areas Tensegrity Model, Anatomy Trains, Fascia Research and Osteopathy
- Material properties and techniques
- Holistic assessment
- Practical applications with clinical examples


Course duration

1st course day: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm
2nd course day: 9.00 am - 2.00 pm

Masterclass Module 2

Focus on the internal organs, meridian, nervous and vessel system

Course number 82


Since 2000, K-Active head instructor Siegfried Breitenbach, wo is certified as licensed sport physiotherapist by the German Olympic Sports Confederation, has developed the content of courses in Kinesiology Taping with the K-Active instructor team and is recognized as one of the pioneers of excellence in this method throughout Europe.
The team, consisting of professors, doctors, physiotherapists, natural healers and sports scientists, constantly optimizes the contents of the K-Active Taping Education System.
The aim of K-Active Therapy is to find key points in the human body through holistic assessment to treat these therapeutically and with taping. This approach has an advantage over the simplistic and generic symptomatical treatment methodologies.


Open Your Mind - learn this holistic method to optimize your therapy!



  • Deepening of the knowledge around K-Active Taping, supplemented with additional expertise from, among others, the fascia research, segmental anatomy, reflex relationsip between muscle and organ, energy doctrine (for example organ clock) etc.
  • Learning of further tape techniques, such as hold (structure is brought in correct position and fixed), hug (influence on internal organs), spiral and lymph technique
  • Detecting of problems, caused by ascending or descending chains (for example at disorders of foot or TMJ) and work out of respective therapeutic approaches
  • Deepening and implementation of the holistic assessment and the corresponding techniques to reach influence on, for example, structures such as the internal organs, autonomic and central nervous system as well as vessel, lymphatic and energetic system. The practical implementation are partly carried out in group work throughout the day
  • Standardized applications, converted at selected conditions, for example disorders of the lymphatic system, cancer aftercare, neuralgia, vegetative dystonia, menstrual disorders, sport injuries etc.
  • Introduction to special energetic techniques (energy points, meridians, chakras) as well as "Emotional Taping"


This module includes 17 training units (1,5 days) with theoretical and practical elements of K-Active Taping.