Target group

Health care professionals, sport scientists and trainer with anatomical and physiological knowledge with already completed Masterclass Module 1


Course duration

1st course day: 9.00 am - 2.00 pm

Lymphology & scars

Course number 64


Based on the knowledge of Masterclass Module 1, holistic determination techniques as well as special tape applications for disease patterns from the area of lymphology and scarring are tought. You will learn how you can have a positive influence on the lymphatic flood via K-Active Taipng and you will learn important basics of wound healing phases as requirement of a sufficient scarring.


Theoretical part

  • Repetition of the basic techniques of K-Active Taping
  • Repetition of the structure and function of the lymphatic system
  • Specific lymph applications


Practical part

  • Body Reading and screening tests are presented, based on the theoretical mindset
  • Learning of applications with intact lymphatic system at the examples: ankle joint, foot, knee, hematoma, abrasions, pregnancy as well as applications for neck and face
  • Learning of applications with not intact lymphatic system at the examples: bridging of watersheds, fan and spiral applications at extremities, applications for neck and face
  • Treatment of scars at the examples: scar determining, treatment of a fresh scar, techniques for padded and threaded scars, change of the position of a scar
  • Determining and treatment of fibrosis


This course includes seven lessons (0.5 day) with theoretical and practical parts. Because of necessary basic knowledge in K-Active Taping, the successful completion of Masterclass Module 1 is required.