- Dimensions: 20 cm x 30 cm
- Quantity: OP of 10 Platten

Leukotape® Foam


The BSN Foam are very suitable to compensate body cavities or to produce an amplified pressure. In the ankle, for example, U- and L-forms can be tailored to compensate the overhang of the ankle. For muscle injuries you cut three differently sized circles in order to generate the highest pressure in the center, which then drops to the outside. The Foam are also suitable to apply targeted ointment bandages.


Material and application
Leukotape Foam consists of a latex foam laminated by textiles and is intended for single use only. Ankles, wrists and upper arm bones must be padded with special support by relief bandages. At certain bandages the desire can exist to achieve an additional increase of pressure by padding at a defined location.