K-Active Tape Classic

2.0" x 16.4'
Colors: Blue, Pink, Beige, Black, Green
Packaging: 1 box set, 6 box set

2.0" x 55.8'
Colors: Blue, Pink, Beige, Black, Green
Packaging: 1 box set

3.0" x 16.4'
Colors: Blue
Packaging: 4 box set

2.0" x 1.9'
Colors: Blue, Green

K-Active Tape Classic

The origin of all Kinesiology Tapes!

What you can expect:
Since its birth over 30 years ago, Nitto Denko has continuously optimized the characteristics of the K-Active Tape Classic to offer you what you are expecting of an original:

"For the professional soccer
players I need highest
quality. With the original by
K-Active we are save!"

Thomas Stubner
Physiotherapist Darmstadt '98
and HSG Wetzlar

  • hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive
  • best skin compatibility
  • breathable, elastic cotton fabric
  • free of pollutants
  • reliable long-lasting
  • leaves no residue
  • fair price-performance ratio



For your safety
This long-term production experience means also more than 30 years of therapeutic experience with the original Nitto Denko tapes. These ensure highest safety for the users in the whole world, together with bachelor thesis and studies, that no other Kinesiology Tape product can offer at the worldwide market!


"For my large boys I need
a little bit more material -
the 7,5 cm wide roll is
the right thing!"

Ronny Frank
Physiotherapist s.Oliver Würzburg


Also available as 75 mm width roll! Its avantages:

  • increased effect with larger/voluminous athletes and patients
  • enhanced sensory input by a larger skin and tape surface
  • effective lymph taping by larger fan applications
  • improved results in special techniques



K-Active Tape XXL - the roll with 17 meters!
Your advantages: Reduced price for large tape consumption in hospitals, clinics and sports!