K-Active Philosophy


Health and fast healing for all people

As a physiotherapist, this was Siegfried Breitenbach's aim when he found the company. Help for maintaining the health of the human and “natural” support in the different performance, regeneration and healing phases of the body are essential subjects for K-Active.


Out of this basic attitude, our guidline arised:

„Holistic Solutions for Sport and Medicine“.


Our request is to look holistically at the human with all of his structures, emotions, energies, but also in his psychosocial periphery. Furthermore it becomes more and more important to deal with subjects like exercise, nutrition, drinking behaviour, geomancy and electomagnetic pollution for a healthy way of life. Only if all topics are included and optimized, the human can live healthy and happy.



The base of our education system is to collect different knowledge worldwide in order to teach it in our own courses or to invite external professionals to refer their know-how to the participants in various courses and workshops.
Only if processes in the body, morbid influences from the outside or misbehaviour of the person concerned are understood, the correct sportive or therapeutic measurements can be taken respectively the corresponding right products can be implemented.



Only the body can heal! - Deduced from this knowledge we try to find suitable products to support the body in its performance and healing phase.
Gernerally the new selected products are tested in our own or in the clinic of instructors. Only after these tests they are included into the product range.



With the new company building we try to offer an optimal workplace for the employees. The buildung has been developed considering the knowledge of Feng Shui to support the "positive energies" in the house. Great and bright roomes, color-coordinated according to the cardinal directions, as well as great windows that allow the view into the garden, that is also created corresponding to Feng Shui - this represents a positive and motivating environment for the employee.
Shielded wires and shiftable WLAN should protect the employees and visitors from superflouos electromagnetic pollution.



On the roof of the company building there is a great photovoltaik construction to supply the house with renewable sun electricity during the day. For the future it is scheduled to store the generated electricity with batteries for its use in the night.