K-Active Instructors Team

In addition to the Senior instructors who were then trained in Japan and also in Europe by Japanese masters, the K-Active Expectant and instructors team now comprises around 50 people.

Doctors, therapists, osteopaths, naturopaths, sports scientist and a professor bring her great knowledge and different experience to the continuous development of the K-Active Taping. Simultaneously, the instructors are trained or obtained through the cooperation in other methods such as the Anatomy Trains by Thomas W. Myers or myofascial release techniques, such as with the Fascia Research Center by Dr. Robert Schleip in Ulm, important information and the latest research. Through the knowledge of these findings, the instructors are able to communicate the contents of the K-Active Taping better and be able to answer the many questions of the participants / inside optimal.

grant Regular meetings and an active international exchange that all instructors and candidates are on the cutting edge of medical knowledge surrounding the K-Active Taping.

Take advantage of our nearly 13 years of experience and great knowledge of K-Active to be optimally adapted to this method and your patients thus being able to help even more!