- yellow, 2.4 m x 5 cm x 1.5 mm
- yellow, 2.4 m x 5 cm x 1.02 mm
- blue, 2.4 m x 7,5 cm x 1.5 mm
- blue, 2.4 m x 7,5 cm x 1.02 mm

K-Active Flossbands

A strong "rubber band" for therapy & training


Colorful band with great effect: Flossing - for the innovative physiotherapy
You can see it more and more often: Flossbands. The trend is unabated and the positive effect is confirmed by more and more medical doctors, therapists and other users. More mobility and less pain, i. a. thanks to the "sponge effect" and the influence on receptors and structures - these are statements of satisfied users. The strong compression with the Flossband during ligation of joints and structures and the subsequent fast upwinding effects a sudden flushing of the structures. Apparnetly, this supports the regeneration process of the body optimally.

Statements of sportsmen and patients:
Noticable increased joint mobility and better facility in the joint directly after upwinding of the Flossband!


The Flossbands of K-Active are made of 100 % natural rubber and especially suitable for the "compression therapy". They are available in various widths and strengths to treat the different body parts and dimensions optimally. The length of 2.40 meter is consciously chosen to treat a surface that is large enough.


According to statements of users, following results could be noticed:

  • Misaligns liquid in the area of the application
  • Positive influcence on receptors and structures
  • Dissolves tissue agglutinations
  • Improves joint mechanic
  • Promotes mobility
  • Enables trianing during reduction of blood circulation and oxygen in the appropriate area
  • Can promote muscle regeneration after training
  • Can accelerate the come-back into training after operations and injuries